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I guess if I had to classify what type of photography my work falls into it would be Nature/Wildlife, Landscape and Fine Art photography.  Why photography?  I always loved to travel from a young age.  I was lucky enough to go on a two week trip to Alaska almost 20 years ago.  It was a trip of a lifetime !!  I came back with a ton of pictures, on film, and waited anxiously for them to be developed.  When I received them I was happy and sad.  A good portion of the images were OK, for a novice, and overall my composition was decent.  But it was obvious that, technically, improvement was needed. 

I decided to invest some time and money into learning the "Art of Photography".  Even the best photographers will say that they are still learning and I had a lot of learning to do. Though digital imaging has lead to immediate results and certain efficiencies, there are still so many factors that go into a "good/great" image. I needed help. So, right then I started a journey that lead to searching out great photographers who were willing to assist me.  You need to learn any new skill from people that are better than you at it. Through this process I've developed life-long friends.  I have had the opportunity to literally travel the world on this quest for great images with some truly awesome people.

Most importantly, though, I nurtured a passion for the only creative outlet I have.  Photography has taught me to slow down, to notice things I otherwise wouldn't have.  To stop and "smell the roses".  And most importantly, relax.  Growing up in the Northeast, relaxation is often a dirty word.  Periodically, I've worked in New York City at my day job and a lack of intensity gets you can be energizing and also exhausting.  Photography, is some ways, may have saved my life.  Twenty years ago it was all about booze, women and the occasional recreation drug.  Sure some of it could be chalked up to my inevitable maturity, but there is no denying that my passion for this hobby has made me a better person and certainly improved the quality of the life I live.  

If you ever want to join me on a road trip, field trip or just learn more about photography, not on a mobile phone, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.....anytime.  


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